C.P.E. Filters, Inc.Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

You can protect your filtering system, and make sure that your system runs at peak efficiency, with C.P.E. Filters, Inc. professional maintenance services and parts inventory.
Consulting Services

Stop spending too much time and money on baghouse maintenance. We can expertly inspect your operation, gather all data relevant to your situation and provide an appraisal and solution based on our years of experience. We can do bag testing, to analyze failure and projected filter life on your existing system.

Complete Changeout Services

Make sure your next bag changeout is done in a prompt, efficient manner with a minimum of downtime and maximum of improved performance. We will do a complete, professional changeout for you, paying careful attention to correct installation, and proper tensioning for longer bag life and more effective filter performance. We Guarantee it!

Preventative Dust Collector Maintenance And Rebuilding

You can be assured of continuous service and prevent unnecessary downtime with our Periodic Preventative Maintenance Program. Our visits to your facility will include bag inspection and replacement, general maintenance inspection and replacement of component parts including fans, airlocks and other ancillary equipment. We can also convert your present baghouse to one with improved technology, higher capacity and increased efficiency. All work is performed by experienced C.P.E. Filters, Inc. crews with EPA/OSHA training and certifications, to make certain your job will be done right.

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