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At C.P.E. Filters, Inc., we offer a complete range of equipment and services for the containment and collection of nuisance dust, fume and the capture of dry particulate product from a variety of manufacturing processes. Our product lines include:
Pulse-Cleaning Collectors - We offer both top and bottom entry configurations of our pulse-jet style dust collectors, providing excellent filtration efficiency and ease of installation and operation.
Shake-Cleaning Baghouses - Our shake-cleaning baghouses are an excellent solution when compressed air is not available for bag cleaning or where intermittent filter bag cleaning can be achieved when system air flow is disrupted/diverted.
Mechanical Cyclone Cleaners - Our mechanical cyclone collectors are used in product recovery such as pneumatic conveying systems, size reduction processes, and product recirculation systems.
Bag Dump Stations - Our Bag Dump Stations are most frequently used as dry material processors to introduce product constituents into a mixing tank or the manufacturing process via a material conveying system.
Filtration System Options - Our HEPA filtration systems provide maximum air cleaning when extremely high particulate removal efficiencies are required and when filtered air has to be returned to the workplace.
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