Mechanical Cyclone

High-Efficiency Cyclone Dust Collectors

Generally employed as pre-cleaners for other gas cleaning devices, our mechanical cyclone dust collectors are widely used in product recoveries such as pneumatic conveying systems, size reduction processes, and product re-circulation systems.

Our twenty-five-plus years of experience in designing and fabricating industrial gas cleaning equipment has allowed us to develop a high-efficiency line of cyclones that can be integrated into the client’s process.

Our cyclone dust collectors achieve high collection efficiencies without jeopardizing high energy costs. Special design features are introduced into our cyclone series to minimize pressure drops.

We offer a wide variety of configurations and models to handle gas volumes as high as 30,000 CFM. Units can be fabricated of carbon steel or stainless steel and for those applications that are handling an abrasive product, AR steel and ceramic/refractory liners can be applied to the interior of the unit. Contact us today to learn more about how we can create a custom solution to meet your unique requirements.