Nuisance Filters

CPE Filters’ NF series of industrial dust collectors aren’t just nuisance filters! This versatile line of ruggedly built baghouse dust collectors includes square and rectangular housing designs which filter from 50 ACFM to 75,000 ACFM in a single module. Multiple modules and compartmented dust collector systems can be easily configured for larger air volumes. The square and rectangular housings can meet a design pressure of up to +/- 80” w.g.

The fundamental NF series can be customized to handle a wide variety of applications, whether you need a central dust collector to collect fugitive dust from multiple pick-up points or standalone industrial dust collectors to clean up a manufacturing area. Additionally, the NF series is the go-to selection for most industrial mineral and chemical process dust collection applications. CPE Filters’ extensive process dust collection installation list includes exhaust from crushing, grinding, milling, and mixing applications, and numerous types of drying and other heat treatment applications for bulk powders. Designs for up to 500° F are available.

The NF series is available in the following arrangements:

NF: Side removal of filter bags with traditional fabric bags and cages

CNF: Side removal of filters with pleated bag cartridges

TNFD: Top removal of filters through top hatch doors- either fabric bags and cages or pleated bags

TNFW: Top removal of filters with a walk-in plenum—either fabric bags and cages or pleated bags

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