Cartridge Dust Collectors

For some situations, a cartridge dust collector is the right air pollution control choice. Cartridge dust collectors are typically used in light loading applications ventilating gas containing fugitive dust or nuisance dust, where the dust is dry and free flowing. Typical applications include metal working, plasma cutting, blasting, welding, powder coating, woodworking, general ventilation of large spaces, and more. The experts at CPE Filters, Inc. can help. We offer both horizontally and vertically mounted cartridge type dust collectors. CPE Filters’ cartridge dust collectors are always custom built, never supplied in standard modules and bolted together. Do you need a steep hopper slope? Heavy wall construction? Sloped roof for water and snow runoff? Replaceable inlet baffle? No problem. We build exactly what you need, making CPE Filters, Inc. the clear choice for cartridge dust collectors.

CNFH cartridge dust collector models feature horizontally mounted filters in ruggedly built downflow designed housings. Filters are supported both internally with tripod assemblies and externally via two slide pipe rails securely welded to the tubesheet. The CPE Filters design includes a single large access door design, simplifying filter maintenance by exposing many filters at once, unlike most competitors’ models which require opening a separate hatch at each filter position.

CNFV cartridge dust collector models feature vertically mounted filters which do not hold dust on top of the filter. Our high inlet cross flow design works with gravity to distribute the collected and pulse-cleaned dust into the hopper(s) for discharge. Cartridges with top plates are easily installed in locking slide tracks and the quick cam action ensures gasket compression for a solid seal against dust leaks.

Custom cartridge dust collection equipment designs are just a click away. Contact the experts at CPE Filters, Inc. for your next cartridge dust collector application.