Bin Vent Filters

BF Series

CPE Filters’ BF bin vent filters are designed to be mounted on top of dust-generating equipment. Though typically used to filter exhaust air from pneumatically filled bins or silos, these hopper-less pulse jet baghouses can also be employed to filter exhaust gasses from processing equipment such as dryers, mixers, mechanical conveyors, or scale hoppers. Pulse cleaning releases the captured dust directly back in the process equipment or bin. Bottom bag removal is standard for BF filters. A man-safe grid below the bags facilitates quick bag changes and prevents a bag from falling into the bin or process. The clean gas exhaust can be natural draft vented, including a bird screen and weather hood. Alternately, induced draft fans can be side mounted or top mounted for convenience.

CPE Filters’ BF bin vent filters are shipped fully assembled with the pulse timer pre-wired and mounted, and the differential gauge installed and piped. Model sizes are available containing from 4 to 100 bags. These rugged filters feature a structural angle flange base for the field connection. Insertable models are available for limited headroom situations whereby the bottoms of the filter bags would be inserted into the top of the bin.

The BF series is available in the following arrangements:

BF: Side removal of filter bags with traditional fabric bags and cages

CBF: Side removal of filters with pleated bag cartridges

Top removal of filters is available in our TNF/CTNF series without a hopper.

Top removal bin vents with 12-3/4” diameter cartridge filters are also available in our CTNFV series.

To learn more about our BF series bin vent filters, please contact us at CPE Filters today!

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