Site Assessment

Our team has decades of hands-on field experience to help you clean up the dustiest manufacturing environments. Contact us today regarding your dust collection needs.

Onsite Evaluation

At CPE Filters, Inc., our extensive application knowledge and decades of experience allow us to make an accurate site assessment of your application. It is at this point in our interaction with you that we determine the specific needs for your dust collection system. Whether you are dealing with heavy dust, sticky, light or stringy materials, or sub-micron particles, we’ll determine proper air-to-cloth ratios, the right filter media and inlet and interstitial velocities required to efficiently collect and retrieve your product or dust. And the solution we recommend will fully meet or exceed today’s stringent environmental air pollution requirements.


Sometimes underperforming or outdated dust collection systems don’t require a new dust collector! We won’t try to sell you a completely new system if repairs and upgrades will get you up and running. Count on our expertise to troubleshoot problem installations and offer cost-effective solutions including an upgrade of cleaning systems, repair and reinforcement of equipment housings and ductwork, new tube sheets or re-cores, and bringing combustible dust applications into compliance with the current NFPA, ATEX, and FM standards. We can assist with mandated dust hazard assessments, (DHA) too. We pay attention to details so we can spot common issues that lead to operating problems and help you avoid them to keep your plant operating at maximum capacity.

Performance Evaluations

To verify the performance of your equipment and ensure a balanced system that runs at optimum efficiency, we provide performance evaluations including 20-point inspections, mechanical integrity checks, lab analysis of filter media, blacklight leak tests with fluorescent dyes, and the installation of broken bag detection systems and smart controls. Your dust collection operating costs can be controlled and reduced with upgrades to the cleaning system and controls, replacement of older inefficient filter media with new media featuring surface filtration properties requiring less frequent cleaning to save on compressed air.