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The Clear Choice for Custom Dust Collection

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At CPE Filters, Inc. we offer a wide range of equipment and services for the capture of dry particulate product from a variety of manufacturing processes and the containment and collection of nuisance dust and fume.

What Makes Us Different?
We care! With our team’s extensive dust collection backgrounds and our traditional business and relationship values we gladly put the customer first in all respects. We take the time to thoroughly understand the challenges you face in your ventilation and material processing dust collection applications. We get to know you, and we endeavor to look beneath the surface of your dust collection application to find the most economical and practical long-term solutions. We treat your dust collection projects as if they were our own, offering customized yet proven, conservative designs and ruggedly built equipment packages.

The CPE Filters team is composed of individuals who have dedicated their careers to dust collection equipment and services. We know that a dust collector purchase is often met with reluctance. In many instances, a dust collector is mandated for environmental compliance or regulatory standards and is an auxiliary to the material processing machinery which generates income for your business. We understand, and we take the pain out of purchasing dust collection equipment with our personalized approach and unwavering determination to provide the right solution for your exact requirements.

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    CPE Filters, Inc. is the clear choice for a dust collection provider whose responsibility doesn’t end when the product is shipped. Put our years of proven experience to work to help you assess your dust collection needs. We can advise you how to save cost by rebuilding older equipment, implementing pleated bag solutions, complying with combustible dust standards, and more. Rely on us at CPE Filters to provide a total system approach for maximum collection uptime, efficiency, and dependability at your facility.