Shake Cleaning

Shaker Dust Collectors

Our shake-cleaning baghouses also known as shaker dust collectors, are an excellent solution when compressed air is not available for bag cleaning or where intermittent filter bag cleaning can be achieved when system airflow is disrupted/diverted.

These types of units are widely used in the foundry, steel mill, mining, power generation, and smelting industries and those facilities where dry material is stored in silos and other bulk storage containers.

Continuous cleaning can be achieved by sectionalizing the baghouse and allowing one compartment at a time to be taken out of service while the other units continue to function. Filter bags utilize a snap band cuff to seal onto the tubesheet and a shaker rack to suspend and tension the filter elements. The rack is driven by a dedicated motor with an eccentric cam.

Custom Options Available

Though we build most units in the range to handle 200 to 6,000 CFM of dust-laden air, we have provided larger systems up to 150,000 CFM.

Many custom features are available and can be employed to meet your needs, including interior and exterior paint systems, the material of construction, and ancillary equipment such as access platforms, ladder assemblies, support legs, exhaust fans and material handling systems. A wide variety of bag fabrics are also available.