Filter Receivers

FR Series

CPE Filters’ FR series of industrial dust collectors are used as filter receivers and are ideal for many other dust collection applications. Whether receiving the bulk product from a pneumatic conveying line or collecting powder exhausted from manufacturing process equipment, this line of customizable cylindrical dust collectors can tackle your most aggressive dust and product collection requirements.

CPE Filters custom designs each unit to your exacting specifications. Other manufacturers offer a standard 17” Hg design pressure for their cylindrical dust collectors. Conversely, the engineers at CPE Filters evaluate each project for its pressure, airflow and particle characteristics and select a model size for those specific requirements. Next, the housing construction is determined: head, stiffener ring(s), and wall thicknesses. Finally, surface preparation, painting and weld finishing are selected, making your FR dust collector the clear choice for your specific requirements. Pricing for the equipment is reflective of exactly what is needed, rather than a predetermined standard design which might overshoot or only approximate the mechanical design needs.

The cylindrical shape of the FR series offers superior cleanability for use in food and other sanitary applications and maximum product recovery of valuable dust and saleable powdered products. The cylindrical shape of the FR series is ideal for high operating pressures and vacuums. For applications with combustible or explosive dust, the higher housing design pressures help reduce the size requirement for explosion protection solutions, often providing overall cost savings.

The FR series is available in the following arrangements:

FR: Side removal of filter bags with traditional fabric bags and cages

CFR: Side removal of filters with pleated bag cartridges

TFRD: Top removal of filters with a lift-off head or custom top hatch doors–either fabric bags and cages or pleated bags

TFRW: Top removal of filters with a walk-in plenum—either fabric bags and cages or pleated bags

The FR series is available with a radial inlet or a tangential inlet with an internal cyclone ring. Custom high inlet designs are also available for this model series.

To learn more about our filter receivers and industrial dust collectors, please contact us at CPE Filters today!

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