Total System Approach

Site Assessment

At CPE Filters, Inc., our extensive application knowledge and experience as an industry leader for over 25 years, allows us to make an accurate site assessment of your application. It is at this point in our interaction with you that we determine the specific needs for your dust collection system. Whether you are dealing with heavy dusts, light and stringy materials, or sub-micron particles, we’ll determine proper air-to-cloth ratios, the right filter media and can velocities required to efficiently collect and retrieve your product or dust. And the solution we recommend will fully meet today’s stringent environmental air pollution requirements.

Turn-Key Solutions

The demands placed on your business for air pollution control and material handling are tough and getting tougher. That’s why it makes so much sense to rely on CPE Filters innovative approach to providing high-quality, maintenance-friendly system solutions. We will engineer, manufacture, install and service the optimum collection system for your needs. With attention to detail unmatched in the industry, rugged structural integrity and a focus on easy, accessible maintenance, we will provide you with the most efficient and effective system possible.

Performance Evaluations

To verify the performance of your equipment and ensure a balanced system that runs at optimum efficiency, we provide stringent performance evaluations that include 20-point inspections, mechanical integrity testing, lab analysis of filter media, blacklight tests with fluorescent dyes, and the installation of broken bag detection systems. The total system approach from CPE Filters helps ensure maximum and consistent performance from your dust collection system.