Bag Dump Stations

Self-Contained Bag Dump Units

With integral dust containment systems, our bag dump stations are most frequently used as dry material processors to introduce product constituents into a mixing tank or the manufacturing process via a material conveying system.

Typically used in batch process applications such as in the food industry and other ingredient mixing processes, our dump stations can be customized to best fit the client’s needs.

Our self-contained bag dump units incorporate a work station for an operator to dump either bags and/or super sacks of product into a holding hopper. The integral pulse-jet dust collector with exhaust fan ensures proper evacuation for operating personnel while re-introducing any airborne particulate back into the storage hopper. The end result is zero-loss of product and operator safety.

A wide range of filter elements are available including filter bags, CPEF™ spun bonded polyester cartridges and cellulose media.

Other options include the use of a wide range of construction materials and finishes, various holding capacities, different material conveying methods and the availability of dual super sack/bag dump stations.

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