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How Does a Cyclone Dust Separator Work?

A cyclone dust separator is a device used in industrial environments for the separation of solid particles from contaminated gas streams. Often referred to, if not considered, a dust collector, a cyclone separator is actually a type of auxiliary equipment for dust collection. They are intended for use as a pre-cleaner with other gas and… Read more »

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Cyclone Dust Collector | what size dust collector do I need

Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Cyclone Dust Collector

A cyclone dust collector is the simplest and lowest cost air-material separator. Most commonly found in grain and woodworking facilities where fibrous dust is managed, cyclones frequently serve as low-maintenance standalone dust collectors requiring no compressed air for cleaning. Cyclones can achieve high collection efficiencies when dusts are over 20 microns in size. Cyclone dust… Read more »

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