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FILTER RECEIVERS | dust collector filter

Should You Clean or Replace Your Dust Collector Filter?

A dust collector filter is an integral component used in filtration systems. As with any product, filters have an expected performance life that affects their efficiency. This is especially true of baghouse or cartridge-style filters frequently used in industrial-scale filtration systems. All filters are engineered to collect, capture, and separate a heavy load of particulates,… Read more »

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Pulse Jet Dust Collector | Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Safe Operating Tips from Industrial Dust Collector Manufacturers

Industrial dust collector manufacturers design dust collection systems for a wide variety of companies. Once a dust collection system has been installed, knowing how to safely operate the equipment is imperative. This is not only to ensure that safety and compliance standards are being met but to ensure the optimal performance of the equipment as… Read more »

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HEPA Filtration System

What Are HEPA Filtration Systems?

Dust collectors designed for HEPA filtration system applications remove particles with sizes ranging from submicron to several hundred microns in diameter, with efficiencies in excess of 99.97 percent. These filtration systems are employed in industrial and institutional environments where contamination control is a must and extremely high particulate removal efficiencies are a matter of function… Read more »

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Filter Bags | dust collector bag filter

How to Choose the Best Dust Collector Bag Filter for Your System

Choosing the best dust collector bag filter is just as vital as choosing the best dust collector for your plant, factory, mill, or any processing facility. The correct dust collector bag filter acts to capture harmful particles from the airstream, improving air quality and preventing the accumulation of combustible dust and gases.

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Pulse Jet Machine

What is a Pulse Jet Bag Filter?

A pulse jet bag filter, also called a pulse jet baghouse or pulse jet dust collector, is a self-cleaning dry filtration system. The pulse jet dust collector cleaning system removes particulate matter and dust from the surface of internal filter media with bursts of compressed air. Pulse jet bag filters are the most common type… Read more »

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CPEF Sign on Building

CPE Filters Launches New Website

CPE Filters Inc. invites customers to visit their new website, which has been designed with an attractive interface and more intuitive user experience. Featuring streamlined navigation and simplified functionality throughout, the recently launched website allows users to easily access product information as well as helpful resources. CPE Filters Inc. collaborated with Page One Web Solutions,… Read more »

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