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Shaker Baghouse | baghouse filter advantages and disadvantages

Best Practices for Preventative Baghouse Maintenance

Preventive baghouse maintenance practices help ensure the efficient operation of your baghouse system. By establishing a preventive maintenance schedule, operators can optimize the overall efficiency, performance, and longevity of baghouse systems, which can lead to operational cost savings, provide a clean and healthy workplace, and ensure your facility complies with environmental safety standards. Here are… Read more »

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Filter Bags | bag filter vs. cartridge filter

Bag Filter vs. Cartridge Filter: What’s the Difference?

In the dust collection business, bag filter vs. cartridge filter has drawn much attention recently. Each is an application used for the treatment of dust in industrial processes. To a certain extent, the use of these filters is at the center of an ongoing debate. One that’s central question pivots on which application is better:… Read more »

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Baghouse Dust Collector Maintenance

Baghouse Troubleshooting: What Causes Failure & How to Prevent It

When the efficiency of your dust collector begins to decrease, baghouse troubleshooting is the first step in addressing the problem. A properly functioning baghouse system will achieve up to 99.9% efficiency. With proper monitoring and maintenance, the system can operate efficiently for years. However, when systems start performing sluggishly, troubleshooting may help identify issues that… Read more »

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Shaker Baghouse | baghouse filter advantages and disadvantages

Baghouse Filter Advantages and Disadvantages: What to Consider

In considering baghouse filter advantages and disadvantages, it is important to understand what a baghouse system is, exactly what baghouse filters remove, and how the system works. For those who may be in the market for a baghouse filtration, keep in mind that baghouse applications range from small household workplaces to large industrial facilities. The… Read more »

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Baghouse Maintenance | merv rating scale | dust collector bag replacement

MERV Rating Scale: What You Should Know

The MERV rating scale is a numerical tool used by engineers and operators of industrial dust collection systems to measure the efficiency of their systems. The rating scale is an industry-standard established to measure the overall quality, effectiveness, and performance of air filtration systems.

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dust collector maintenance checklist

Your Complete Dust Collector Maintenance Checklist

An important first step when establishing a maintenance plan for your dust collector system is the creation of a dust collector maintenance checklist. As with any system, routine maintenance is an important component to ensure dust collectors keep running at peak efficiency. Evaluating the performance of dust collectors makes certain systems function as designed at… Read more »

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combustible dust

How to Filter Combustible Dust with the Right Dust Collector System

Combustible dust has long posed a serious hazard in industrial production environments. For many companies, incorporating preventive strategies is essential to hinder the accumulation of combustible dust in manufacturing plants and facilities before deflagration, flash fires, or dangerous explosions occur. At risk are employees, personnel, and visitors, but also loss of property—equipment and machinery, and… Read more »

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Cyclone Dust Collector | what size dust collector do I need | centrifugal dust collector

What Size Dust Collector Do I Need?

“What size dust collector do I need?” is likely one of the first questions asked when researching dust collectors for your facility. It’s an important one. Dust collectors are a class of air pollution control devices found in industrial or commercial environments that are designed to meet EPA and workplace air quality safety requirements. They… Read more »

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Pulse Jet Dust Collectors | Types of Dust Collectors l Solution| Choosing the Best Dust Collector | dust control solutions

How Dust Control Solutions Can Improve Your Bottom-Line

Effective dust control solutions are necessary for any industry whose production processes generate fine particulate matter as a material byproduct. More than simply a health risk, material dust has the potential to disrupt or halt production, damage equipment, increase plant maintenance costs, and even cause fires or explosions. Keeping industrial facilities and plants dust-free mitigates… Read more »

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Duct Work Hero | Custom Dust Collector Ductwork Designs | commercial dust collection system

Advantages of Custom Dust Collection Ductwork Design

Many industrial workplaces require dust collection systems that clear away any filter airborne dust, along with other debris, during production. Dust collectors work on the basic premise of catching, transporting, and gathering dust and other particulates. A good dust collector design is one that does all these things well, and safely. As a key part… Read more »

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