Dust Collector Accessories That Are Key to Optimizing Performance

Dust collector accessories are key components necessary for the successful operation of industrial baghouses and dust collectors, the large-scale air pollution control and filtration systems found in manufacturing plants, warehouses, factories, mills and other industrial environments. The successful operation of dust collectors cleans and enhances air quality inside and out of buildings.

Industrial dust collector designs vary to meet specific filtration and particulate extraction requirements and mandates for every industry handling dry solids. Though pollutants differ by industry, in general, dust collector systems work by drawing particulates, dust, and fumes from the air through a filter. The objective is the same for each design—to filter, separate, and capture harmful dust, fumes, and particulate matter and discharge purified air.

Optimal baghouse performance relies on servicing and maintenance with quality parts and accessories to function as designed. Obvious accessories such as filter bags and cartridges are of primary importance, but other components like valve kits, timers, cages, and hopper instrumentation should not be overlooked. Here is a shortlist of key accessories to ensure the continuing efficiency and performance of your industrial dust collector system:

Filter Bags

Dust collection bags are a necessity for pulse-jet and shaker-type dust collectors. Fabric material media can vary depending on the environment and application needs. The filters are engineered duo density and microfiber high-performance fabrics for many surface treatment applications, including PTFE membrane. Polyester and polypropylene are the most common materials. For elevated temperatures, a selection of aramid (Nomex), acrylic, polyimide (P-84), PPS (Ryton), fiberglass, and PTFE (Teflon) materials are available.

Cartridges and Pleated Bags

Replacement dust collector cartridges are vital for continuing system performance and efficiency of your system. Custom or manufacturers’ cartridges and pleated bag style dust collectors are designed for horizontal and vertical mount styles that meet several diameters and lengths. Several filter media options are available, including spun-bonded polyester, cellulose/polyester blends, flame retardant, carbon impregnated, hydro-oleophobic, and PTFE membrane materials. For higher temperature applications, pleated aramid and polyamide are available.

Pulse Valves and Kits

A selection of dust collector solenoid valves, pulse valves, and diaphragm repair kits are purchased individually, or factory mounted in enclosures. Valves are available from several brands. The most common include Pentair/Goyen, MecAir, and ASCO.

Timers and Enclosures

Pulse-jet timer replacement boards are available with or without enclosures to meet unclassified or hazardous conditions. NEMA 12, 4, 4X, 7, or 9 are available, as are pulse-on-demand controls.

Bag Cages Venturis, Bag Cups, and Clamps

Dust bag hardware is often needed for the maintenance and repair of dust collector systems. Specific bag cages in different diameters and lengths are available. Depending on system requirements, cages are manufactured in carbon steel, galvanized, and 304 or 316 stainless steel with epoxy or other coatings. Bag cups (or thimbles or hubs) along with venturis in carbon or stainless steel, and stainless steel bag clamps, are available.

Hopper-Level Instruments and Flow Aids

Hopper instrumentation and flow aids are essential accessories that assist in discharging dust from dust collector hoppers. Multiple types of point-level measurement instruments are available for any application. Various flow aids are available to help solve bridging or stubborn hopper flow issues problems. Flow aids like fluidizing air pads, air sweeps, electric or pneumatic vibrators, and sonic horns resolve hopper flow problems.

Dust collector accessories can vary depending on system requirements needs. To ensure your system has the correct accessories contact us today – our engineers are available to help you with any replacement challenges you may encounter.