Great job by everyone

Hi Guys,

I wanted to let you know I went by PMC with the Prater van today to talk to them about some Prater stuff. I spoke with both Rupinder Singh, the plant manager, and Randy Garner, the Production Manager, about the CPE Filters equipment. We spent at least 10 minutes talking.

They are both very, very pleased with the performance. I spoke with Randy at length and he was especially complimentary of Wayne and his knowledge and patience with Matthew. It sounds like everyone knows that Matthew screwed up and tried to cover his tracks and throw us under the bus. I don’t think that anyone is mad at CPE Filters from PMC. Randy said the bag that Matthew gave us was the “stock bag” they use when they are out of everything else. He said we didn’t do anything wrong.

Randy even said jokingly that he is going to have to have a light installed on our unit so knows its running. When he turns into work in the morning he can’t visually tell its running anymore since no dust is coming out so he thinks his unit is down. He said he “has been fighting that thing for over 10 years” and that we proved that we “know what we are doing”. Its been running continuously for 22 days hovering around 4-6″ WG. He said he can’t remember the last time its run that long without some issue.

Great job by everyone.