Why You Should Change Your Dust Collector Filters During Summer

Industrial dust collector filter cartridges are engineered to collect, capture, contain, and separate harmful dust, particulates, and gases in the airstream at various manufacturing, processing, and production facilities and plants. A properly functioning dust collector filter cartridge will remove particles from an airstream with a high level of efficiency at all times.

What’s the Service Life of a Dust Collector Filter Cartridge?

The expected service life of a dust collector filter cartridge depends on the type of dust and matter being processed and the volume of dust generated, which can vary widely. Filter bags may last up to several years or must be changed as often as every three months. In general, dust collector filters reach the end of their service life when the media becomes fully depth-loaded, and the cleaning system can no longer push the dust out. Over time, the differential pressure readings across the filters become too high, airflow decreases to an unacceptable level for your process, and the efficiency of the filter system decreases.

However, it’s not just the type of dust processed and quantity that can greatly affect the service life of a filter, so can the time of year. Seasonal factors are often overlooked when gauging dust collector filter cartridges’ performance efficiency. In the summer, monitoring the dust collector filter cartridge is important to ensure clean air flows out of the system.

How Summer Impacts Dust Collector Filters


As air density changes in the summer, it can play a significant role in the effectiveness of a dust collector’s filter system. Of particular concern is heat and humidity. Too much moisture or excessive heat can affect the dimensional stability of a filter and damage it. Humid environments can impact filter performance with the additional buildup of hard-packed filter cake caused when fine dust mixes with high humidity to form a “mud cake,” so to speak, on the filters.

In the summer, the humidity inside buildings tends to be higher than at other times. When passing through ductwork, the humid air may cause filter media to become loaded with moisture and dust, which could lead to mold and mildew accumulation. That dust must be removed from filters regularly to prevent mold and other contaminants from circulating through the airstream, which could lead to respiratory issues and aggravate allergies.

Excess Contaminants

Also, because mold and bacteria multiply faster in humid air, trapped contaminants in the filtration system can grow and multiply faster, releasing more contaminants than usual into the ductwork. To remove these harmful contaminants from the airstream, filters must operate at rates of higher efficiency, which can reduce their service life. They will likely have to be checked more often, if not changed out, to ensure the system is running at optimal performance levels.

More than just humidity can necessitate filter changeouts; summer is also when seasonal pollen, mold, and spores routinely release into the air, adding to the normal filtering load of dust collection systems. Trapped mold, spores, and pollen can quickly build up in filters already hampered by moisture and become a breeding ground for more mold spores.

Warm Temperatures

Finally, from a practical perspective, because many dust collectors are located outside facilities, warmer temperatures make for better weather conditions when performing maintenance on your dust collector. Also, changing out the filters in the summer helps to prepare for the colder months ahead. Clean filters also save energy costs by keeping system pressure low and clean air flowing through the building, providing a safe, healthy work environment while preventing dangerous pollutants from being released during commercial and industrial processes.

Changing dust collector filters regularly can prevent harmful dust and other contaminants from accumulating in the airstream of facilities and decrease filter efficiency. When seasonal factors affect filter performance, changing dust collector filters during the summer can help ensure your dust collection system is operating at optimal efficiency.

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