Baghouse Repair | commercial dust collector

How to Reduce Commercial Dust Collector Costs

Operating a commercial dust collector efficiently is vital in industrial environments that handle dry processing and bulk solids. The challenges of capturing, conveying, and containing dust are large for these facilities. In doing so, there is a price to pay—literally and figuratively. 

ashrae standard

Understanding ASHRAE Standard 199 for Industrial Dust Collectors

Understanding ASHRAE Standard 199-2016 in the dust collection industry ensures that production plants and manufacturing environments select the right dust collector for their facilities. The development of Standard 199, and its subsequent publication, provided the dust collection industry with a definitive method for testing the performance of industrial dust collectors. Issuing Standard 199 was the… Read more »

Filter Bags | bag filter vs. cartridge filter

Bag Filter vs. Cartridge Filter: What’s the Difference?

In the dust collection business, bag filter vs. cartridge filter has drawn much attention recently. Each is an application used for the treatment of dust in industrial processes. To a certain extent, the use of these filters is at the center of an ongoing debate. One that’s central question pivots on which application is better:… Read more »

Filter Bags | dust collector filter upgrade

Ways to Know It’s Time to Upgrade Your Dust Collector Filter

Knowing when it is time for a dust collector filter upgrade is as important as knowing when to change your filter. Upgrades generally relate to the filter or filter media in use, whereas a filter change is a matter of replacement from wear and service life. In either instance, if your filter is not performing… Read more »

dust collector filter cartridge

Why You Should Change Your Dust Collector Filters During Summer

Industrial dust collector filter cartridges are engineered to collect, capture, contain, and separate harmful dust, particulates, and gases in the airstream at various manufacturing, processing, and production facilities and plants. A properly functioning dust collector filter cartridge will remove particles from an airstream with a high level of efficiency at all times.

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Dust Collector Sizing: Is Your Facility’s System Too Small?

Dust collector sizing is an essential first step when installing a dust collection system in your facility. Though it may be tempting to price out a dust collection system that costs less, any savings realized upfront would be quickly offset by higher energy consumption and increased operational and maintenance costs associated with an underperforming system. 

Site Assessment | Dust Explosion Prevention

OSHA Dust Control Regulations: A Pocket Guide

OSHA dust control regulations and standards are primarily designed to protect the health and safety of workers exposed to harmful dust and particulate matter generated in industrial environments. Companies must comply with these regulations to avoid hefty fines and other penalties. OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, does not mandate how dust is removed… Read more »

Baghouse Dust Collector Maintenance

Baghouse Troubleshooting: What Causes Failure & How to Prevent It

When the efficiency of your dust collector begins to decrease, baghouse troubleshooting is the first step in addressing the problem. A properly functioning baghouse system will achieve up to 99.9% efficiency. With proper monitoring and maintenance, the system can operate efficiently for years. However, when systems start performing sluggishly, troubleshooting may help identify issues that… Read more »

Baghouse Dust Collectors | industrial dust collection system design

A Guide to Industrial Dust Collection System Design

Deciding on an industrial dust collection system design is an essential first step before installing a system in a facility. A dust collection system design not only gives companies a clear understanding of how their system will perform and function but ensures the system they are installing is designed to meet their needs. The dust… Read more »

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Dry vs. Wet: Which Industrial Dust Extraction System Is Best for Your Facility?

An industrial dust extraction system is used to capture and collect dust, airborne contaminants, and particulate matter generated during production activities in manufacturing plants, factories, foundries, and like facilities. Dust extraction systems are also designed to filter harmful gases, combustible dust, and particulate matter that may cause a health hazard to employees, a danger to… Read more »