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Dry vs. Wet: Which Industrial Dust Extraction System Is Best for Your Facility?

An industrial dust extraction system is used to capture and collect dust, airborne contaminants, and particulate matter generated during production activities in manufacturing plants, factories, foundries, and like facilities. Dust extraction systems are also designed to filter harmful gases, combustible dust, and particulate matter that may cause a health hazard to employees, a danger to… Read more »

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How to Choose the Right Commercial Dust Collection System for Your Facility

During industrial processes, a commercial dust collection system ensures that potentially harmful gases, particulate matter, contaminants, and other airborne pollutants are not released into the workplace or environment during production and manufacturing. Dust collection systems are vital for numerous industries and industrial processes in maintaining, if not improving, a facility’s air quality. More than protecting… Read more »

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Understanding the Different Types of Industrial Dust Extraction Systems

Industrial dust extraction systems are industrial-scale dust collectors used to remove and filter hazardous dust, gasses, and particulates from industrial and manufacturing facilities. They are employed to protect the workplace, both people and machinery, as well as the environment, from harmful airborne contaminants and improve air quality.

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6 Industrial Dust Extraction System Safety Tips

Providing a safe work environment is a top priority of any industrial dust extraction system. Integral to the extraction process is an effective dust collection system. Industrial dust collectors are used to extract airborne dust, hazardous particulates, and harmful fumes from production environments. Dust collection provides clean air in the workplace, assures the health and… Read more »

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Combustible Dust Standards: How to Ensure Compliance with OSHA and NFPA

Combustible dust standards are in place to limit the serious hazard posed by the accumulation of fine particulate matter that is generated in certain industrial production environments. OSHA safety regulations and NFPA dust collection guidelines incorporate preventive strategies designed to hinder the concentration of combustible dust in manufacturing plants and facilities before deflagration, flash fires,… Read more »

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4 Common Types of Dust Collectors

In manufacturing plants, facilities, and other industrial operations, varying types of dust collectors are employed to collect, capture, and separate dust and particles generated in those environments from the air. Dust collectors are also designed to filter harmful gases and particulate matter that can pose a health hazard to employees.

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How Do Industrial Dust Collectors Work?

An industrial dust collector is a type of air pollution control equipment used in factories, plants, warehouses and other industrial or commercial settings to meet environmental and workplace safety requirements. Effective dust collection systems control, reduce, and remove potentially harmful particulate matter and fumes from gases from a manufacturing process or the air and the… Read more »

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